Coco Dominguez-02.png

Coco Dominguez

Program Manager

 Coco came to work at Quitlcraft July 5, 2004—not many people can say they remember the exact date they were hired on, but to Coco, July 5th has deeper meaning! So far, July 5th holds three important (and life-altering) events: met her husband, married her husband, and started working at Quiltcraft (separate years, of course!). Taught at an early age, Coco has known the meaning of perseverance and determination in each of her work environments from a Cottonfield to the world of Drapery, Coco is there to succeed, and for that, she is a great value to the team!

Quiltcraft is greatly appreciative for Coco and all she brings to the table, especially her people skills and over twenty years of experience in this industry! Before Quiltcraft, she worked at Dallas Draperies as a Program Manager with basically the same job, how convenient?! The opportunities to talk to and meet new people daily motivates Coco. Outside of work, she enjoys taking her four sweet grandkids out, going on road trips with her husband, and hiking!

A word from Coco: “working at Quiltcraft is never boring, you learn something new every day, whether it’s work-related or not. . . I also love the people I work with!”