Camila Montejo
Communications Coordinator

Camila joined the Quiltcraft team the Summer of 2015, and has made a great impact since—especially in the Communications department! Originally from Colombia, she moved to America to better her English when an opportunity to volunteer at the Voice of the Martyrs arose. From there, she attended Oklahoma Wesleyan University and majored in Communications and Visual Arts. Camila has always had a deep interest and love for design that she believes stems from her mom’s work as an architect and gift of creativity.

Working at Quiltcraft has taught Camila how to slow-down, be humble, and work diligently. Camila’s favorite part of her job is the creative side: taking an idea and making it beautiful and appealing to the eye. Camila loves that her job involves interacting with every person here! Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her American family, visiting their ranch, working on graphic design projects with her American mom and being mentored by her, relaxing at home, going on walks, cooking for people, shopping, and doing calligraphy!

A word from Camila: “If you ask me what my dream job is, this would be it—I consider working here a huge blessing from God!”