Abby Wiyninger-03.png

Abby Wiyninger

Sales Director

Abby joined as the team’s first sales person in the winter of 2007! Before Quiltcraft, for several years, she worked in the hospitality industry at Remington Hotels in procurement and design. Abby had a desire to be in the Furniture, Fixture and Equipment sales; she decided to collide with Quiltcraft because she had gained respect for the company being a former client through Remington Hotels. Because of her experience, she felt confident she could be successful at Quiltcraft. Even though the team was significantly smaller, she could tell she could grow with them—and she has!

The successful feeling of completing a job-well-done drives Abby to keep pursing this job she loves. Filled with “sarcasm and wit”, Abby brings laughs everywhere she goes! Building relationships with people in the industry is one of her favorite parts of her job. As a child, she dreamed of being an elementary school teacher; but, is now a teacher in the drape industry! She enjoys beach bonfires with friends, farmers markets, live music, walking her dog, decorating, and bicycling!

A word from Abby: “I feel very blessed that I am in an industry where I can be around design, a great network of people—and work for a cool company!”